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Download - Urban War - CLAU
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This supplement introduces massive battlesuits, robots and warbeasts to the Urban War game system. Known collectively as ‘CLAUs’, or Capital Light Armoured Units, these huge engines of destruction open up a whole new range of strategies in the quest for battlefield domination.

CLAUs fight as part of CLAU-Teams, and these are the next step up from a basic strike-team, supplying heavy hitting firepower in a flexible and resilient package. The aim is to build a balanced fighting force containing a mix of CLAUs and regular troopers. The CLAUs provide its punch, but the importance of the rest of the team shouldn’t be overlooked. Though extremely powerful, CLAUs are also very inviting targets, and players’ skill in providing them with support will be core to their success.

    Highlights of this supplement include:
  • Profiles of the CLAUs themselves
  • Details on how to build a CLAU-Team. Including a mix of CLAUs and normal troopers, total model count is no more than a standard Urban War strike-team
  • CLAU 'pilots'. Battlesuit wrecked? Warbeast given up the ghost? No problem, the pilot can carry on the fight!
  • An array of powerful new CLAU weapons, and to help them cope with this new threat, new weapons for the rest of the team. Examples include the Koralon Warp Strike, the Sticky Bomb, and the Thermite Dart
  • A simple tweak to the standard Urban War turn sequence to simulate the heavy lumbering nature of CLAUs. Though powerful, they benefit from infantry support
  • New Special Rules, updates to existing rules, and a couple of alternative rules for players to try out
  • Stat cards for each new troop type, and damage counters for the CLAUs

To use this supplement players also need the Urban War: Strike-Team Actions rulebook.

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