It is said that during the cold war, genetic science and unspeakable arcane lore were used in top secret experiments to produce humans endowed with particular abilities. One of the early experiments involved the cursed amulet of Xarzatheriotepulonllwiu the unpronouncable, to produce a human being with particular abilities relating to tanks and vehicles.

Unfortunately, in their excitement, the military ignored the term "cursed" in the name of the amulet. Things started to go awry. First, the amulet, the only certain way to destroy subject Fergusson was stolen by persons unknown. By the time subject Fergusson had reached the age of 15, it had become clear that things had not worked out as the organisation had hoped. Indeed, Robbie did show abilities with tanks and vehicles. He could not stop modelling them!

Now, operatives have been sent out to try and track down the cursed amulet of Xarzatheriotepulonllwiu the unpronouncable in a bid to destroy the evidence of cold war genetic tampering. Robbie, becoming aware of this, has now holed up in a castle in a remote area of Scotland, gathering allies to help him fend off the anticipated attacks.

Robbie's role in the company? The Boss! 'Nuff said. Currently, though, he spends most of his time chained to the casting machine, dreaming of the day when he can hire someone else to cast on a full-time basis, so he can get back to modelling tanks and vehicles in 1/300 scale. Robbie is also the current "Live Tetris" champion, capable of fitting more oddly shaped or sized items than could be reasonably expected into a standard size box.

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