"Hogun stared down at the oncoming Orcish horde. It was a grim sight, even to a Dwarf of his vast experience. In all his two hundred years he had never seen such a huge and so savage a force try to and break its way through Axbite Pass.

Thousands upon thousands of the hideous warriors swarmed all over the plain below. Huge monsters rose like islands out of the seething sea of scimitar brandishing warriors. The thunderous bellowing of their warbeasts filled the air. The deep, full-thoated roaring of the Titanosaurs rose tumultously above the screeches of the Carnodons. The hungry baying of Necrodons threatened to drown out the chants of the Orcs."

Leviathan is a fast-playing, dynamic, 25mm tabletop fantasy battle system, set in a world on the brink of destruction.

Any number of players can play the game, each controlling anything from a single unit up to armies of twenty units or more.

Alternate movement allows for development of interesting tactical situations, which provokes intelligent and constructive strategies.

The first book contains a general introduction, specific background information on the five races: Orcs, Goblins, Dwarves, Elves, and Barbarians, rules section and army lists for the various races including points systems, tables, and counter sheets.

Extra supplements will be released to cover topics such as airborne combat, new magic, siege warfare and bring in other races such as the Children of the Worm and the Knights of Eternal Light.

Leviathan miniatures are also available as part of the Grendel range of models.

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