Kryomek is a furiously fast, hard fought 25mm tabletop skirmish game using a wide range of figures and accessories available from Scotia Grendel Productions. This is a fully integrated Game System that will allow a sophisticated re-enactment of the Great Wars between the Nexus forces of Panhumanic spacetime and the swarms of the Kryomek Great Hive Hegemony.

The Kryomek. Unknown just 12 years ago, now every human shudders when they hear the name.

Fierce, merciless, in numbers beyond count, they continue to assault Nexus space-time.

Where humans create machines to serve them, Kryomek create living organisms. They have harnessed the power to create and twist life to suit their evil purposes. All Kryomek serve the hive. Similar to less deadly hive insects, the Kryomek consist of many specialized types, each optimized for a single function.

The space-time continuum being fought over by the Kryomek and Nexus Quoromate is very different from our own. Instead of a 'future earth', humans sprang from a cluster of three planets into a different universe. This universe is described and defined in the books that also provide the rules for simulating the fierce combat that occurs as the Kryomek attack.

This section contains metal and resin models and scenics for the Kryomek game system, as well as the rulebooks.

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